DeSales Associates

We Are Innovators

  • Our capability in financial and HR systems is unique among employee benefit consulting firms. In particular, we have designed a valuation system that makes full use of advances in computer hardware and software. The result of our pioneering efforts: significant savings in annual actuarial fees, especially for ad hoc analysis, together with an unprecedented clarity and depth of analysis.
  • We have incorporated the most recent technological and theoretical advances in developing a unique statistical health care model for TRW.
  • Our approach to the data preparation process, often the most expensive component of an actuarial valuation, can result in annual fee reductions of up to 30%.
  • Our actuarial reports are custom designed for all intended users (auditors, managers, and government), thus avoiding costly duplication of information.
  • Through a comprehensive analysis of the plan's assets and liabilities, we help our clients deliver maximum benefits at minimum cost. Funding requirements are determined by benefit commitments and actuarial assumptions and methods. We monitor: (1) benefit payments, expenses, and investment return, the three components of the actual cost of your plan; (2) actuarial assumptions in order to ensure that they are realistic in the face of dynamic changes in employment patterns; (3) actuarial methods in the light of accounting and regulatory requirements (e.g., FAS 87 and the Retirement Protection Act).
  • We take advantage of new developments and technologies. For example, as a result of the Freedom of Information Act, we periodically perform address searches and death checks to ensure that only those who are entitled to benefits receive them, and that pension assets are not misappropriated.
  • As a standard service feature for all plans that we serve as actuaries, we provide the sponsors with a variety of computer modeling tools, including those that will assess the financial impact of different economic assumptions (discount rate, salary scale, and long-term return on assets) on FAS 87 pension expense.
  • We have developed a unique statistical primary care assessment tool that allows managed care organizations to make a quantitative determination as to whether or not a specialist physician is meeting primary care performance standards.
  • We have developed software using generational mortality to evaluate the reasonability of annuity purchase rates set by life insurance companies.